A downloadable game for Windows

NOTE - We're working on a polished version of the game!

This is the Ludum Dare editon of the game, we're working a lot on a new version of Late Night Chef, and we hope to have something to share with you soon.

New Chefs wanted:

Looking for an experienced chef to take on the night shifts. Must be enthusiastic and willing to take on new experiences, and keep calm under high pressure situations.
Shifts will begin at 12 PM, and finish at 6 AM every night.

- Following health and safety standards, as to not provoke the local health inspectors
- Keep customers happy by serving food as soon as possible
- Serving whatever the customer wants

Chef should be able to prepare the following items with ease:
- Pancakes
- Burgers
- Coffee

Please direct all inquiries to 0800░░░░░ or ░░░░░@░░░░.com

Some Game Tips:

Pressing [A] will take you to the stove, Pressing [D] will take you to the counter, Pressing [S] will allow you to Hide and access cups and the phone.

The 3 eggs on the far top left, use them with the pan to make the pancake!

The burger can be served raw, however this will make the game harder the more you do this. Make sure you cook them to prevent this! 

The Coffee cups are stored under the counter, hold the coffee machine till it stops, and then click the cup again to give it to the customer.

There are 4 shifts to play! All stages but the last will introduce something new. The last is over-time, which is the hard mode of the game.

DISCLAIMER: Contains jump-scares and some potentially disturbing pixels.

Install instructions

Extract the files to a suitable area from the .RAR file, and run LateNightChef.exe


LateNightChef.rar 21 MB
LateNightChef.zip 24 MB